Consumer Choice in a Free Market Economy

Perceived consumer choice in a free market system allows leaders of companies to hide ethical responsibilities in the design of the market system, which does not serve the business or the customer. Read the full post on Medium ->

Save Money & Offer a Better Experience — It Can Be Done

Profit making and good user experience do not need to be at odds. At Lyft, we found a way to reduce our costs AND provide a measurably improved customer service experience by enhancing our automation in support ticket handling. Read the full post on Lyft's Engineering blog on Medium ->

The Product Experience of Mission Driven Companies

The Stories We Tell We all build up stories about the world based on preconceived ideas from culture and experience. This can cause us to make some very poor decisions such as when HP denied Steve Wozniak's multiple attempts to offer the personal computer or we assume those from underdeveloped countries are not capable of being entrepreneurs. “The stories we [...]