Rusty Hood, Designing for Beauty Over Time

Everything we own enters our live and exists in time. An object has a duration. Sometimes that duration is intentional. Other times that duration is unknown. Still more, the duration is a product of the relationship that a person has to their object – how they treat it and maintain it. It is clear that [...]

What is an Interaction Designer? A Communication Expert

Interaction design can be an ambiguous concept. It is defined in many ways, by many people, and is a continuous dialogue of refining not only what exactly it is but how exactly to explain it to someone. I do not assert that I have the answer but, at the very least, I have thoughts and [...]

Service Design and the Genius of USPS Flat Rate Shipping

I’ve never had much experience with shipping until I sold my old laptop on eBay. Coming into the situation, I didn’t think twice about shipping. I was soon to realize how frustrating and complex shipping can be for the average person. But in the midst of it all, I found a stroke of genius. I’d [...]

Default Settings and the Vedetta Against “Calibri” in Microsoft Office

Default settings rule our lives. Very few of us actually change them, and when we do, we usually only change a setting or two. Imagine starting up your device for the first time and having to set every single setting. While it may feel like that sometimes, most often you are presented with few to [...]

Warm Devices, Cozy Hands, and the Kindle Fire

Today the Kindle Fire found its way into my Mother’s hands. After wanting a Kindle for some time, she was glad to explore its many features and start reading on it right away. The introduction of a new device into one’s life is a unique experience of becoming acquainted with its many capabilities, features, and [...]

Lunar eclipse and sunrise at Twin Peaks, SF 12/10/11

I'm always fascinated by the sky. Friends know me as the guy who will shout about how beautiful the moon, stars or sky look. Here are some photos I took during the lunar eclipse on December 10th, 2011. These photos were taken at Twin Peaks. Because of the timing, the sunrise happened during the lunar [...]

My Experience Without Facebook – Deactivating My Facebook Account

Yesterday I found myself clicking through to someone's Facebook profile I had never met just to "stalk" them and see a bit about who they are. As I arrived at their Facebook profile with feelings of disgust for clicking through to their profile in the first place, I stopped myself from doing anything more than [...]