There is no such thing as bad weather, only wrong gear

I've recently returned from living 6 months in Denmark. While there I was exposed to a phrase: "Der er ikke noget der hedder dårligt vejr kun forkert påklædning." which translates to something like "There is no such thing as bad weather, only wrong gear" While there are mixed opinions on whether this is 'True' it [...]

Desire Paths, Service Design and Branding when traveling from Denmark to Norway

I recently traveled from Denmark to Norway. Here are three great examples of desire paths, service design and branding that I saw while doing the traveling part of the trip. DSB is the biggest Danish railway provider. They have a very easy to use phone app that let's you purchase tickets, use your phone as [...]

Having the Idea And Communicating the Idea Are Not Two Different Things

We get nested in our ideas. We develop self confirming biases that validate our ideas. We become attached to the idea itself, in its perfect form in our mind. The idea needs to interact with the world to become a reality. Yet, we don’t focus on that interaction – it’s taken for granted. That interaction [...]

One Small Way Government Communication Would Be Different From a Service Design Perspective

We all know those, often long and confusing, letters we get in the mail from a government agency. Now put yourself in the shoes of someone in a foreign country who lacks proficiency in the county's main language because they are new. Those letters just got a whole lot worse. Navigating a government system in [...]

Integrated Marketing Communication

[Based, in part, on Marketing Communications by Patrick De Pelsmacker] Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is a popular term in marketing today. It generally describes having synergy and consistency across all communication channels, both internal and external. But to really understand this idea I want to explore the context and the barriers to IMC. IMC came into [...]

Ad Venture Case Competition – Get Hooked!

During my Integrated Marketing Communication course in the MSc Marketing program at Aarhus University, the class was divided into groups to work on the Ad Venture marketing case competition from the EU. My group was one of the top in the class and was sent on to make 1 of 2 submissions for Aarhus University [...]

Why Incumbents Fail (with Radical Innovation)

[Based on Organizing for Radical Innovation by Gina Colarelli O’Connor, Richard DeMartino; The Performance of Incumbent Firms in the Face of Radical Technological Innovation by Charles W. L. Hill, Frank T. Rothaermel; Structural approaches to organizing for radical innovation in established firms by Ana Luiza De Araújo Burcharth and John Parm Ulhøi] Radical innovation is a [...]

Structure and Culture for Innovation

[Based on A Multi-Dimensional Framework of Organizational Innovation: A Systematic Review of the Literature by Mary M. Crossan, Marina Apaydin; Organizing for Innovation by M. Schilling; Open and Closed Innovation by P. Herzog, J. Leker] This is an overview of organizational structure and culture that has been shown to be conducive to producing innovation. Structurally there [...]