Managing Knowledge Across Boundaries

[Based on Transferring, Translating, and Transforming: An Integrative Framework for Managing Knowledge Across Boundaries by Paul R. Carlile] Communication can be seen as the process of transferring knowledge. Effective communication requires an effective understanding of knowledge management through various knowledge boundaries. Here I will describe three knowledge boundaries: syntactic, semantic and pragmatic. These three boundaries are [...]

Market Orientation

[Based on Responsive and Proactive Market Orientation and New-Product Success by John C. Narver, Stanley F. Slater, Douglas L. MacLachlan; The Contingent Value of Responsive and Proactive Market Orientations for New Product Program Performance by Kwaku Atuahene-Gima, Stanley F. Slater, Eric M. Olson; The Role of Market Information in New Product Success/Failure by Brian D. Ottum, [...]

Firefox Context Menu – Drag-and-Share Design Concepts

After the research phase of the context menu, is the design phase. Myself along with a few other from the Firefox UX team met to do some ideation and brainstorming. We generated many ideas and then consolidated them into a few main themes. The first of these themes is what I call 'drag-and-share.' I noticed [...]

STI and DUI Modes of Innovation

[Based on Forms of knowledge and modes of innovation by Morten Berg Jensen, Bjorn Johnson, Edward Lorenz, Bengt Ake Lundvall] Just as people have different learning styles, there are different modes of innovation that can take place within an organization. Understanding here can help an organization identify strengths and weakness in their innovation management. Commonly [...]

How Should a CEO Respond to Emails

This is about, one of my favorite things: touchpoints. Every interaction someone has with your product/service is a touchpoint. It is an opportunity to communicate value, build loyalty and grow brand. Recently I moved to Denmark for a few months. Being my first move to a new country, not everything goes smoothly. I did not [...]

Yogi Tea: Branding and Service Design

Yogi Tea is a popular tea brand found at places like Trader Joe's, Whole Foods and more. They have great tea blends/flavors and there is nothing particularly special about the product – it is organic but it is not the only one. So how does Yogi Tea differentiate itself? It's at the intersection of branding [...]

Designing for Participation Workshop – Jan 2014

Recently I lead a designing for participation workshop at Mozilla. This was based on the initial workshop created by David Eaves. David and I met, he told me the thinking behind the workshop and encouraged me to experiment with it. I wanted to add more the the thinking behind why designing for participation is important, [...]

Lessons from Improv (Foundation 1)

I recently completed an Improv Foundation 1 course at BATS by Rebecca Stockley. It was a fantastic experience I'd recommend for anyone. I want to take a moment and share some of the most important things that improv taught me. These are applicable to anything and everything we do in life. Make your partner look [...]

Influencing Markets Through Air Mozilla and Designing for Participation

Last week, during a student affairs meeting at San Francisco State University, the committee members were asked for input on the general education redesign. I championed the idea that the design students should be engaged in helping design a better experience for students – it's a winning combo of student and design perspectives. The committee [...]