Why Incumbents Fail (with Radical Innovation)

[Based on Organizing for Radical Innovation by Gina Colarelli O’Connor, Richard DeMartino; The Performance of Incumbent Firms in the Face of Radical Technological Innovation by Charles W. L. Hill, Frank T. Rothaermel; Structural approaches to organizing for radical innovation in established firms by Ana Luiza De Araújo Burcharth and John Parm Ulhøi] Radical innovation is a […]

Structure and Culture for Innovation

[Based on A Multi-Dimensional Framework of Organizational Innovation: A Systematic Review of the Literature by Mary M. Crossan, Marina Apaydin; Organizing for Innovation by M. Schilling; Open and Closed Innovation by P. Herzog, J. Leker] This is an overview of organizational structure and culture that has been shown to be conducive to producing innovation. Structurally there […]

Managing Knowledge Across Boundaries

[Based on Transferring, Translating, and Transforming: An Integrative Framework for Managing Knowledge Across Boundaries by Paul R. Carlile] Communication can be seen as the process of transferring knowledge. Effective communication requires an effective understanding of knowledge management through various knowledge boundaries. Here I will describe three knowledge boundaries: syntactic, semantic and pragmatic. These three boundaries are […]

Market Orientation

[Based on Responsive and Proactive Market Orientation and New-Product Success by John C. Narver, Stanley F. Slater, Douglas L. MacLachlan; The Contingent Value of Responsive and Proactive Market Orientations for New Product Program Performance by Kwaku Atuahene-Gima, Stanley F. Slater, Eric M. Olson; The Role of Market Information in New Product Success/Failure by Brian D. Ottum, […]

STI and DUI Modes of Innovation

[Based on Forms of knowledge and modes of innovation by Morten Berg Jensen, Bjorn Johnson, Edward Lorenz, Bengt Ake Lundvall] Just as people have different learning styles, there are different modes of innovation that can take place within an organization. Understanding here can help an organization identify strengths and weakness in their innovation management. Commonly […]