One of My Favorite Examples of Story Telling In Design

The last thing I would think of as an example of good story telling is product packaging. But then, why not? Products have to tell a story. In Whole Foods recently I happened to pick up a bottle of Columbia Gorge Organic Juice. (It was delicious if you are wondering.) I noticed a yellow stripe, […]

How Do You Train Your Employees? Honor Principle and Advertising Budget

Today some friends and I went to BJ’s for dinner. We quickly developed a rapport with our waitress, inviting her to sit at our table briefly to chat. At one point there was a slight misunderstanding with a drink which she apologized for and wanted to make right. Long story short: she walked up to […]

What does “doing good” mean? Why does being “different” matter?

“Doing good is part of our code” conveys to eager eyes what Mozilla is on the Mozilla homepage. “Different by design” and “proudly non-profit” do the same on the Firefox homepage. (Note that “Innovating for you” and “Fast, flexible, secure” are no longer, by themselves, market differentiators in the technology industry.) The challenge with a branding […]

Get Involved Links, One Way Mozilla Goes From Mission To Reality

I have a huge interest in how organizations walk their talk. After reading a recent article in Fast Company about TOMS mission, my mind was primed to think about how Mozilla makes its mission a reality. There are two great examples of this. First is in Firefox. The Firefox about screen briefly explains Mozilla and offers, […]

The Importance of Autonomy at Work

Two points of inspiration came for this post: 1) an article in Psychology Today and 2) a conversation with a friend. The cover story of this month’s issue of Psychology Today is What Happy People Do Differently. Talk of happiness is of big interest in today’s world. Books like The Happiness Project get a lot of hype […]

Mix and Stir Studio Unhackathon #1, Mass Communication Challenge: TrackSF

This was build over the course of about a day during Unhackathon #1 by Mix and Stir Studio, hosted at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. My team took on the Mass Communication Challenge and we won! The focus of the challenge was disseminating transit information to citizens. TrackSF is a surface-level public communication system that leverages current technology to […]