Capture Method Ideas

As part of the Construct Your Story document, I created the Capture Method Ideas document to help spark creativity around how a video can be done. One of the main roadblocks in how to make a video is how to shoot the video. It’s easy to think it needs to be a particular way but it really […]

Construct Your Story

Video knowledge sharing is only successful if people create knowledgeable videos. As a designer, if something is repeated many times that is a clue that there is opportunity for better design. I kept hearing that people wanted to make videos but had trouble translating their idea into a video. I knew I could help. The design […]

today.cca – CCA Introduction to Interaction Design Final (Spring12)

Working with Elliott Cost, we set out to create a better interdisciplinary community at California College of the Arts (CCA). Through our research we found that interdisciplinary communities thrive when people can come together. At CCA this can be a challenge – there are two campuses and students are very busy. The calendar stood out as […]

Mix and Stir Studio Unhackathon #1, Mass Communication Challenge: TrackSF

This was build over the course of about a day during Unhackathon #1 by Mix and Stir Studio, hosted at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. My team took on the Mass Communication Challenge and we won! The focus of the challenge was disseminating transit information to citizens. TrackSF is a surface-level public communication system that leverages current technology to […]

Computers, Angry Art Students, Hands, and a Manifesto for the Future

What happens when you sit down in front of a computer? Do you get tense? Do you feel frustrated? Does it feel confining? Do you find it the most liberating and fun thing there is? Are you equally as fascinated as you are perplexed? We have expectations of everything in our life. We use a […]

What is an Interaction Designer? A Communication Expert

Interaction design can be an ambiguous concept. It is defined in many ways, by many people, and is a continuous dialogue of refining not only what exactly it is but how exactly to explain it to someone. I do not assert that I have the answer but, at the very least, I have thoughts and […]

Default Settings and the Vedetta Against “Calibri” in Microsoft Office

Default settings rule our lives. Very few of us actually change them, and when we do, we usually only change a setting or two. Imagine starting up your device for the first time and having to set every single setting. While it may feel like that sometimes, most often you are presented with few to […]