Yogi Tea: Branding and Service Design

Yogi Tea is a popular tea brand found at places like Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and more. They have great tea blends/flavors and there is nothing particularly special about the product – it is organic but it is not the only one. So how does Yogi Tea differentiate itself? It’s at the intersection of branding […]

Lessons from Improv (Foundation 1)

I recently completed an Improv Foundation 1 course at BATS by Rebecca Stockley. It was a fantastic experience I’d recommend for anyone. I want to take a moment and share some of the most important things that improv taught me. These are applicable to anything and everything we do in life. Make your partner look […]

Influencing Markets Through Air Mozilla and Designing for Participation

Last week, during a student affairs meeting at San Francisco State University, the committee members were asked for input on the general education redesign. I championed the idea that the design students should be engaged in helping design a better experience for students – it’s a winning combo of student and design perspectives. The committee […]

Firefox Context Menu – User Experience Research (UXR)

A few months ago I began a UX project focused on the context menu in Firefox. If you’re wondering what that is, you’re not alone. The context menu is the menu you use all the time but don’t think about it much. Any time you right click (or control click) you trigger this menu with […]

Don’t Jump To Solutions: One of the Most Important Things I Learned from Design School

When I was in design school I was quick to jump to solutions for my design challenges. I followed general design process guidelines but I always got a little antsy in the define the problem and research stages. (I like to build and ship.) As I’ve been able to go through design thinking processes in […]

Two Kinds of Process

There are two kinds of process: process that encourages creativity and process that slows solutions. In all organizations, it is important to ask whether your processes encourages or slows. The easiest way to think about this is to classify a process as either a way of doing things (encourage) or the way of doing things (slow). […]

One of My Favorite Examples of Story Telling In Design

The last thing I would think of as an example of good story telling is product packaging. But then, why not? Products have to tell a story. In Whole Foods recently I happened to pick up a bottle of Columbia Gorge Organic Juice. (It was delicious if you are wondering.) I noticed a yellow stripe, […]

Language Learning Badge (Mozilla)

After my work on the Capture Mozilla badge, Dino Anderson asked to me create a badge for the language learning project he is working on. This badge is to be awarded to all Mozillians who participate in learning a new language (not programming language). Learning a new language fuels Mozilla’s ability to be a global community. […]

New Features to Air Mozilla

Did you feel that? Clutch release and now we are in second gear. After many meetings, lots of research and countless conversations a spec sheet of new features has been approved for Air Mozilla. This set of features is designed to further the mission of both Air Mozilla and Capture Mozilla by increasing content creation […]