Winning Startup Weekend (SF)

This was my second Startup Weekend. My team won! I was CEO and co-founder, partnered with two good friends (my co-founders) who were CTO and CDO. We created an app called Nikomu which was about connecting people through cooking together. For many many years I’ve been interested in how people connect through technology and this […]

Lessons from Improv (Foundation 1)

I recently completed an Improv Foundation 1 course at BATS by Rebecca Stockley. It was a fantastic experience I’d recommend for anyone. I want to take a moment and share some of the most important things that improv taught me. These are applicable to anything and everything we do in life. Make your partner look […]

Don’t Jump To Solutions: One of the Most Important Things I Learned from Design School

When I was in design school I was quick to jump to solutions for my design challenges. I followed general design process guidelines but I always got a little antsy in the define the problem and research stages. (I like to build and ship.) As I’ve been able to go through design thinking processes in […]

Notes for Team Management

Here are some things I’ve learned by being exposed to both good and bad team management. Understand team member value – No one on the team should feel underutilized. This involved some relationship building to understand each member of a project. Ultimately, once you understand how to correctly apply each team member’s talent, you get […]

Making Ideas Happen, Lessons Learned from Capture Mozilla

As I work on the Capture Mozilla project, I personally deal with and try to coach others through making ideas happen. (Dia Bondi has been a coach for me in this area.) It is a fascinating subject that I pay attention to any time I work on a project. Influenced from many differently people, here are 4 lessons I’ve learned […]

Working With Video, Lessons Learned from Capture Mozilla

I first learned about the Capture Mozilla project around this time in February. I was excited to take part because this was an opportunity to learn about how the Mozilla community does what it does. Two months in, here are 5 things I’ve learned about video knowledge sharing: We are all camera shy in some way […]