There is no such thing as bad weather, only wrong gear

I’ve recently returned from living 6 months in Denmark. While there I was exposed to a phrase: “Der er ikke noget der hedder dårligt vejr kun forkert påklædning.” which translates to something like “There is no such thing as bad weather, only wrong gear” While there are mixed opinions on whether this is ‘True’ it […]

Having the Idea And Communicating the Idea Are Not Two Different Things

We get nested in our ideas. We develop self confirming biases that validate our ideas. We become attached to the idea itself, in its perfect form in our mind. The idea needs to interact with the world to become a reality. Yet, we don’t focus on that interaction – it’s taken for granted. That interaction […]

Lessons learned from 500 Thank You Letters

Earlier this year I launched a project, 500 Thank You Letters. I want to share some things I learned: Curated Content – Successful projects must launch with curated content to get the ball rolling and set the culture. I’ve pieced this together through various sources, ranging from my work at Mozilla to projects such as Cowbird. […]