The Product Experience of Mission Driven Companies

The Stories We Tell We all build up stories about the world based on preconceived ideas from culture and experience. This can cause us to make some very poor decisions such as when HP denied Steve Wozniak’s multiple attempts to offer the personal computer or we assume those from underdeveloped countries are not capable of being entrepreneurs. “The stories we […]

One of My Favorite Examples of Story Telling In Design

The last thing I would think of as an example of good story telling is product packaging. But then, why not? Products have to tell a story. In Whole Foods recently I happened to pick up a bottle of Columbia Gorge Organic Juice. (It was delicious if you are wondering.) I noticed a yellow stripe, […]

Capture Method Ideas

As part of the Construct Your Story document, I created the Capture Method Ideas document to help spark creativity around how a video can be done. One of the main roadblocks in how to make a video is how to shoot the video. It’s easy to think it needs to be a particular way but it really […]

Construct Your Story

Video knowledge sharing is only successful if people create knowledgeable videos. As a designer, if something is repeated many times that is a clue that there is opportunity for better design. I kept hearing that people wanted to make videos but had trouble translating their idea into a video. I knew I could help. The design […]

Concept: Story Cube (Rapid Prototype)

A story cube is a portable interactive story, in cube form. This story cube, “Blue Panda Travels the World,” allows you to take blue panda along his journey around the world. Created by Sean Bolton and Jeni Tu [link to Jeni Tu’s website], this rapid prototype was built, from concept to completion, in roughly an hour.