I currently work as a software engineer and tech lead at Lyft. I build both internal and external facing products. Some of the programming languages/frameworks I use include: Python (Flask), React, AngularJS, PHP, NoSQL databases (MongoDB, DynamoDB), and SQL databases (Postgres).

Formerly I worked on the Growth Marketing team. In this role I mixed coding, data analytics, and marketing program design to grow the number of users and increase the activity of users engaged with Lyft. I learned about how to manage a dual sided marketplace. I worked cross-functionally with product, engineering, and brand teams to build both single use and automated engagement campaigns. I owned the project management, production, QA, A/B testing, and data analysis for these campaigns.

Writings Related to Lyft

Save Money & Offer a Better Experience — It Can Be Done

Profit making and good user experience do not need to be at odds. At Lyft, we found a way to reduce our costs AND provide a measurably improved customer service experience by enhancing our automation in support ticket handling. Read the full post on Lyft’s Engineering blog on Medium ->

Building for the End-User

When engineers know why are they building what they are building and who are they building it for, they make better engineering decisions, the work is more interesting, and it improves the overall product experience. Read the full post on Lyft’s Engineering blog on Medium ->

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