Knowledge For Usage

The Knowledge For Usage was Meesto’s Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy. This was the first time a social networking site wrote this type of document in plain language so that users knew very clearly what they were using – there was nothing to hide and it was participatory. Due to the radical nature of this type of document, it needed it’s own unique name, Knowledge For Usage. Below is exactly how it appeared on the site.

Our goal is not to force you to agree to our terms. We invite you to critique and help us improve this. That said, there are some things we’d like you to know and understand before/while you use Meesto.

How Meesto Works:

  • Meesto operates like a Nonprofit Open Source company/project; though it is not currently of official nonprofit status (or any corporate status).
  • You, as a member of the collective community of Meesto users, are the controller of what happens with Meesto. (Including this very document.) Decisions are determined by a majority voting system. We encourage you to participate by contributing your skills, ideas, and general input.
  • You own and control your data.

Things To Know:

  • What we mean by “you own your data”
    You are given complete control and ownership of your data and we will never access or distribute it without your express permission. However please understand that in a cloud-based environment it is impossible for you to wholly own your data, because it is stored on our servers. As such…
    We cannot guarantee 100% security and stability of your data – though we’d like to. For your own protection do not upload or post highly sensitive, secretive, or classified material. In addition, we recommend that you always keep a personal copy of your data, such as photos, on a personal storage device, just as a fail-safe.
  • We reserve the right to make content that is found by the larger community to be harmful, offensive, pornographic, or otherwise inappropriate, unavailable. In such a scenario your data will moved to a specified location where it will only be visible to you and you will be given a predetermined amount of time to retrieve your data before it is completely removed from our servers. Please understand that this is not a personal attack against you, it’s to improve the experience of Meesto for everyone.
  • For your own legal protection, you are only allowed to upload and distribute data which you legally own. If we do need to enforce this requirement, you will be contacted and kept in-the-know for the entire process.
  • We encourage accountability. However, under no circumstances can you hold any members, staff, administrators, or officers of Meesto personally liable or responsible.

Who We Work With:

  • analytics provided by Google Analytics
  • hosting provided by Network Redux

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