Reflections from Mozilla Summit 2013: Learn. Share. Love.

This past weekend I had the great fortune of attending the Mozilla Summit. I’ve never felt more excited and more grateful to be part of the Mozilla community – a Mozillian. I met so many great people and built many great friendships. Mozilla champions a web where people know more, do more and do better. […]

“View Selection Source” – How Mozilla Teaches the Web Through the Firefox Context Menu

Right-click, that menu that pops-up is the context menu. We all use this menu every day. It is a list of options that changes in context to what you select. Just a boring menu, right? No. Web developers and hacker have a love for the “Inspect Element” option. When selected it lets the user dig […]

What does “doing good” mean? Why does being “different” matter?

“Doing good is part of our code” conveys to eager eyes what Mozilla is on the Mozilla homepage. “Different by design” and “proudly non-profit” do the same on the Firefox homepage. (Note that “Innovating for you” and “Fast, flexible, secure” are no longer, by themselves, market differentiators in the technology industry.) The challenge with a branding […]

Get Involved Links, One Way Mozilla Goes From Mission To Reality

I have a huge interest in how organizations walk their talk. After reading a recent article in Fast Company about TOMS mission, my mind was primed to think about how Mozilla makes its mission a reality. There are two great examples of this. First is in Firefox. The Firefox about screen briefly explains Mozilla and offers, […]

Better Capture Mozilla Badge, the Mozilla Way

Mozilla is the culture that says, “let’s build something better, together.” It is not a “no” culture. It is a “yes, let’s figure out how” – this is the hacker can-do attitude. Part of this is getting feedback along the way. Most important, feedback should not be criticism but an open invitation to make something better. […]