Making Ideas Happen, Lessons Learned from Capture Mozilla

As I work on the Capture Mozilla project, I personally deal with and try to coach others through making ideas happen. (Dia Bondi has been a coach for me in this area.) It is a fascinating subject that I pay attention to any time I work on a project. Influenced from many differently people, here are 4 lessons I’ve learned […]

Working With Video, Lessons Learned from Capture Mozilla

I first learned about the Capture Mozilla project around this time in February. I was excited to take part because this was an opportunity to learn about how the Mozilla community does what it does. Two months in, here are 5 things I’ve learned about video knowledge sharing: We are all camera shy in some way […]

Capture Method Ideas

As part of the Construct Your Story document, I created the Capture Method Ideas document to help spark creativity around how a video can be done. One of the main roadblocks in how to make a video is how to shoot the video. It’s easy to think it needs to be a particular way but it really […]

Construct Your Story

Video knowledge sharing is only successful if people create knowledgeable videos. As a designer, if something is repeated many times that is a clue that there is opportunity for better design. I kept hearing that people wanted to make videos but had trouble translating their idea into a video. I knew I could help. The design […]

Doing Good is Part of Our Code

“Our mission is to promote openness, innovation & opportunity on the Web.” – Mozilla Mission This is a big thing around Mozilla, it is what the organization is founded on. For Mozilla, “doing good” means empowering people around technology and being open about how the organization functions. When I talk to people about Mozilla, they recognize […]

Give Me Beta

Let’s get Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance for a minute here and talk aesthetics. There is the art aesthetic which prefers the polished clean look. Think iPhone. Then there is the engineer aesthetic which prefers the nuts and bolts. Think the inner circuitry of the iPhone. Both are different manifestations of the same idea. At Mozilla, there […]

The Meritocracy

Meritocracy (n): Government or the holding of power by people selected on the basis of their ability. Actions speak louder than words. This may be a general rule of thumb but in an organization founded on open source development, having a culture where actions carry the most weight is crucial to implementing a project. Building makes progress. Mozilla […]

7 Lessons from Mozilla – John Lilly, WordCamp 2009

Watch video here: What follows are the notes I took during John Lilly’s talk. I left them unedited and for now will let them be, without drawing conclusions. 7 insights, 9 problems Mozilla Mission: “internet to be better and people to patriciate” “take an interest, act, and make the world the way they want” Not […]