I’m a certified yoga teacher (Yoga Tree), with a specialization in yin yoga. I’m also a certified medical qigong teacher (IIQTC) and have basic training in mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR).

I found yoga through my naturopathic doctor. While I had done yoga before, she suggested I try a restorative style of yoga called yin yoga – think of the yin and yang symbol. During my first class, I knew I found something that deeply called to me. Yin is the restorative and calmer energy in the world. Yang is the creative and active energy in the world. Most of us are in yang all day long. Nearly all exercise, including most yoga styles, is yang. In the body, yang focuses on the muscular system, whereas yin focuses on the connective tissue. The muscular system is strengthened by short repetitive movements – this is what most people think of when they think of exercise. The connective tissue is strengthened my long held passive movements where you stretch and relax the body.

I teach restorative style classes that mixes yin yoga, vinyasa yoga, qigong, and MBSR. This is designed to be a moment in your day where you can simply relax, be in your body, and use movement to activate the natural healing energy within.

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