today.cca – CCA Introduction to Interaction Design Final (Spring12)

Working with Elliott Cost, we set out to create a better interdisciplinary community at California College of the Arts (CCA).

Through our research we found that interdisciplinary communities thrive when people can come together. At CCA this can be a challenge – there are two campuses and students are very busy. The calendar stood out as key way to bring people together. CCA has no centralized calendar system. today.cca is a live, centralized calendar system that lets students see what is happening on campus and plan events with other students.


A single page to visually display all calendar information, personal and public, to a student.

Screen Shot 2012-05-03 at 4.59.07 PM-leveled-1

This simplistic design allows the mobile version to maintain an consistent interface across platforms and across devices so that any student can easily access and use the system.

Below are the presentation slides followed by a short video showcasing today.cca


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