Better Capture Mozilla Badge, the Mozilla Way

Mozilla is the culture that says, “let’s build something better, together.” It is not a “no” culture. It is a “yes, let’s figure out how” – this is the hacker can-do attitude. Part of this is getting feedback along the way. Most important, feedback should not be criticism but an open invitation to make something better.

For me this happened with the Capture Mozilla badge when someone from the design team remarked about how they didn’t like the background color choice. I have to admit I was momentarily hurt by that but I quickly realized, this was an opportunity to make something better. I engaged this designer as someone I could learn from and in that way built a team instead of a single person venture.

I made a slight change incorporating initial feedback and then did a second round of feedback to further improve.Badge Colors

Working in a community driven organization means that people will have different opinions. That is one of the difficulties we all face in being open. But in being open, we each get to learn, be better and build a community of people.

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