Shifting to Second Gear with Capture Mozilla

As momentum for Capture Mozilla has grown, places where the project is being held back become more apparent. Much of my effort on the project so far has been around making the path for participation easier. My goal has been to reserach where people have trouble and develop solutions to make that easier. The Capture Mozilla team and I have developed many tools for crafting your story and creating your video.

But that was the first step. The next step is the platform by which these videos are uploaded, distributed and interacted with. This changes my role. I will continue to meet with people in the Mozilla community to help create videos but my new focus will be doing user experience research on the current video platform Mozillians are familiar with, Air Mozilla. I have already met with people from the user experience team and I am excited to learn more from them. In a way, my role has always had a large user experience research component to it. However, now it is focused on the video platform itself.

It is fun to be part an evolving project and grow to meet the challenges around each corner.

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