“View Selection Source” – How Mozilla Teaches the Web Through the Firefox Context Menu

Right-click, that menu that pops-up is the context menu. We all use this menu every day. It is a list of options that changes in context to what you select. Just a boring menu, right? No.

current firefox context selectedtextWeb developers and hacker have a love for the “Inspect Element” option. When selected it lets the user dig into the web page source code. “Inspect Element” is present in many browsers and is a great way to learn web programming by deconstructing a web site.

View Selection Source Dialog BoxBut what if you are still so new that “Inspect Element” is out of your league? Enter “View Selection Source.” In Firefox, select any part of the web page by clicking and dragging your mouse. Right-click and select “View Selection Source.” This opens up a special window which shows the source code of just that one piece of the web page. It is far less intimidating than “Inspect Element.”


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