Yogi Tea: Branding and Service Design

yogi teaYogi Tea is a popular tea brand found at places like Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and more. They have great tea blends/flavors and there is nothing particularly special about the product – it is organic but it is not the only one. So how does Yogi Tea differentiate itself? It’s at the intersection of branding and service design.

One of the key elements of service design is understanding the various touchpoints a person has with a product throughout the entire time span of their interaction with it. Yogi Tea grabbed two opportunities: the tea box and, most important, the tea label. You can now find countless photos across the web of Yogi Tea’s little tea labels that have spiritual-like words of wisdom on them. This previously overlooked touchpoint with a customer is now a point of added value during the customer experience. People buy this tea over any other to get those labels. They serve to tell the brand story, define the brand and ground the aspiration of the brand into something tangible.

A killer combo: touchpoints that add value to the customer experience and covey the brand.

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