How Should a CEO Respond to Emails

This is about, one of my favorite things: touchpoints. Every interaction someone has with your product/service is a touchpoint. It is an opportunity to communicate value, build loyalty and grow brand.

Recently I moved to Denmark for a few months. Being my first move to a new country, not everything goes smoothly. I did not think to do much research into payment methods that work worldwide because, as I’ve been to Europe before, I knew my cards worked. So I simply called my banks to inform them of my travel. Behold, I arrive in Denmark and the cards for my main bank account do not work – I can’t access my money.

After panic, I found 1 of 2 bank cards did work. I contacted the bank whose card did not work and went through a lot of customer service emails. Fed up, I sent an email to the CEO of the bank. I approached him not with anger but as a customer concerned with customer experience for everyone (a tip for anyone else out there). He responded in a day with a very kind and understanding email along with reassurance I would be contacted by someone to help me. He listened and offered reassurance to do better – I felt heard.  Feeling heard is often most important in customer experience.

The bank is Logix Federal Credit Union. Let’s look at how they designed this touchpoint. Have you ever tried to find the email of a CEO? It can by near impossible. Logix has the contact information for the entire management team listed in their about page. It’s only two clicks away from the home page. As a user of their service, that shows me they aren’t trying to hide from me – it’s a sign of respect and trust. Pair that with the management team actually responding to emails with some level of sincerity and now I feel like family. Wolff Olins has a great post about how brand is the effect of what you do.

I think most products could best be improved when looked at as a service. While Logix is not without touchpoint flaws, this particular touchpoint surpasses high expectations – thank you!

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