Having the Idea And Communicating the Idea Are Not Two Different Things

We get nested in our ideas. We develop self confirming biases that validate our ideas. We become attached to the idea itself, in its perfect form in our mind. The idea needs to interact with the world to become a reality. Yet, we don’t focus on that interaction – it’s taken for granted. That interaction takes some practice, it’s the communication.

I’m tired of seeing people unsuccessfully present their ideas during a meeting/lecture/presentation. When that happens, the presenter is working on the assumption that having the idea is all there is to the idea. NO. You don’t have an idea unless you can communicate it.

Please take the idea out of your brain and play with it like play-doh. Practice explaining it to yourself and to others. Communicating the idea makes the idea better and makes you better at communicating the idea.

Do not ‘present’ an idea in a meeting for the first time. If I’m supposed to be convinced by the idea, that doesn’t serve you and it doesn’t serve me. Rather the ‘presentation’ should be a continuation of many discussions that have happened so far.

I propose: Part of and idea is being able to communicate the idea; they are not separate things. In fact, communicating the idea is more important than the idea itself because if no one gets it, it doesn’t go anywhere. So here is a new mental model..

idea communication diagram

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