Original Meesto Creedo (c.2009)

The Meesto Creedo was used as a set of guiding principles that guided the creation of Meesto, the social networking site. Below is exactly how it appeared on the site.

A credo is a statement of aims or beliefs that guide someone’s actions. The Meesto Creedo (a double e for Meesto) is what guides the creation and development of Meesto: it is a set of ideas on how people and technology should act, interact, and create.

Let’s look at how people experience the things we create. Let’s look at what works well. And for what doesn’t work so well, let’s not only provide answers but provide solutions. Let’s actually listen to the people who use our creations everyday, for they really know what best be done. Let’s build a place for constructive criticism and open ears.

Let’s focus more on button placement than ad placement. Let’s focus more on ease of use. Let’s focus more on customizability and creation. Let us provide the canvas, paint, and brush, so you can spend more time creating and less time not. Let’s focus more on people like you for you are the reason we are here. Let’s focus more on how you actually interact with people in your life and create technology that is so revolutionary to your communication, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Let’s not only build upon what’s been learned before but actually learn from it. Let’s not be different because it makes us look better, let’s be different because it actually means something.

Let’s work together, because two heads are better than one – because more input provides more insight.

Let’s never stop creating, because it is a part of what makes us human – because our creations have the ability to better the lives of those around us. And if you think about it, that’s really what technology was designed to do – to improve all of our lives. We’re here to make you smile. (And if we ever fail at that, make sure we learn our lesson, as you would a friend.)

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