Language Learning Badge (Mozilla)

Language Learning BadgeAfter my work on the Capture Mozilla badge, Dino Anderson asked to me create a badge for the language learning project he is working on. This badge is to be awarded to all Mozillians who participate in learning a new language (not programming language). Learning a new language fuels Mozilla’s ability to be a global community.

I had fun with this project. When I thought of being able to understand different languages, I instantly recalled the babel fish from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I played with a simplistic idea of what this fish would look like and integrated it into a badge.

From my experience making the first Capture Mozilla badge, and mentorship I received around that, I knew how to take this badge to the next level. I utilized Kuler by Adobe to create the color pallet and borrowed some style elements from other badges on the Mozilla badges site. Ultimately I was able to make something quirky, Mozillian and visually consistent.

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