New Features to Air Mozilla

Did you feel that? Clutch release and now we are in second gear. After many meetings, lots of research and countless conversations a spec sheet of new features has been approved for Air Mozilla.

This set of features is designed to further the mission of both Air Mozilla and Capture Mozilla by increasing content creation and interaction. Once complete, users will be able to publish pre-recorded content, add future events easier and have more interaction functionality with all content on Air Mozilla.

While this is huge accomplishment, there is still more to do. The spec sheet provides functionality but I would like to provide usability. I am working on a proposal so that I can devote more of my time to redesigning the user experience of Air Mozilla; similar to the changes saw.

I am writing this post to be open about this project. Air Mozilla is a vital part of the Mozilla community and all Mozillians should not only know what is happening but be able to take part. (“A Mozilla product wouldn’t ship if there wasn’t an invitation to help make it better.”)

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