Get Involved Links, One Way Mozilla Goes From Mission To Reality

I have a huge interest in how organizations walk their talk. After reading a recent article in Fast Company about TOMS mission, my mind was primed to think about how Mozilla makes its mission a reality. There are two great examples of this.

firefox get involved

First is in Firefox. The Firefox about screen briefly explains Mozilla and offers, “Sound Interesting? Get involved!” This is so simple it may be overlooked but it is key to on-boarding those people curious enough to wonder about Firefox.

mozillians get involved

Next is in the recent redesign of This is perhaps my favorite implementation. Here, there are no menu items that need to be explored. Just as the user reaches the bottom of the page there is a one-liner about contributing, “Help make Mozillians better. File a bug or make some changes.” With Mozillians, this text is clearly visible with plenty of surrounding empty space and normal font size – it is not fine print. My eyes are easily drawn to this area of the page without much work, making it easier for me to know I can contribute. The challenge is often knowing you can. Furthermore, the text links to the bug form and the source code.

A Mozilla product wouldn’t ship if there wasn’t an invitation to help make it better. When I think about what sets Mozilla apart as an organization, that is one of the key features. I think even people who don’t contribute like the idea that they could and others do. Other organizations may be open but Mozilla products consistently, and always will, ship with an invitation. That is the best example of a company walking its talk that I can think of.

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