Desire Paths, Service Design and Branding when traveling from Denmark to Norway

I recently traveled from Denmark to Norway. Here are three great examples of desire paths, service design and branding that I saw while doing the traveling part of the trip. DSB is the biggest Danish railway provider. They have a very easy to use phone app that let’s you purchase tickets, use your phone as […]

Firefox Context Menu – Drag-and-Share Design Concepts

After the research phase of the context menu, is the design phase. Myself along with a few other from the Firefox UX team met to do some ideation and brainstorming. We generated many ideas and then consolidated them into a few main themes. The first of these themes is what I call ‘drag-and-share.’ I noticed […]

Firefox Context Menu – User Experience Research (UXR)

A few months ago I began a UX project focused on the context menu in Firefox. If you’re wondering what that is, you’re not alone. The context menu is the menu you use all the time but don’t think about it much. Any time you right click (or control click) you trigger this menu with […]

One of My Favorite Examples of Story Telling In Design

The last thing I would think of as an example of good story telling is product packaging. But then, why not? Products have to tell a story. In Whole Foods recently I happened to pick up a bottle of Columbia Gorge Organic Juice. (It was delicious if you are wondering.) I noticed a yellow stripe, […]

Language Learning Badge (Mozilla)

After my work on the Capture Mozilla badge, Dino Anderson asked to me create a badge for the language learning project he is working on. This badge is to be awarded to all Mozillians who participate in learning a new language (not programming language). Learning a new language fuels Mozilla’s ability to be a global community. […]

Life Without Modern Technology

Last month I spent about a week at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, San Francisco Zen Center’s monastery. I was there during work period. It was a fantastic experience. Growing up in modern society, I never experienced being an adult without modern technology like computers and cell phones. Sure I could very easily hide my laptop and […]