New Features to Air Mozilla

Did you feel that? Clutch release and now we are in second gear. After many meetings, lots of research and countless conversations a spec sheet of new features has been approved for Air Mozilla. This set of features is designed to further the mission of both Air Mozilla and Capture Mozilla by increasing content creation […]

The Benefit of Being Open: Reflection, Iteration, Refinement

In order to be open, you must explain what you are doing. This forces reflection. Reflection brings new insight and new conversations happen because more people know what you are doing. This pushes you to iterate and refine your idea. The result is that while being open can appear daunting, you make something better in […]

“View Selection Source” – How Mozilla Teaches the Web Through the Firefox Context Menu

Right-click, that menu that pops-up is the context menu. We all use this menu every day. It is a list of options that changes in context to what you select. Just a boring menu, right? No. Web developers and hacker have a love for the “Inspect Element” option. When selected it lets the user dig […]

Get Involved Links, One Way Mozilla Goes From Mission To Reality

I have a huge interest in how organizations walk their talk. After reading a recent article in Fast Company about TOMS mission, my mind was primed to think about how Mozilla makes its mission a reality. There are two great examples of this. First is in Firefox. The Firefox about screen briefly explains Mozilla and offers, […]

Better Capture Mozilla Badge, the Mozilla Way

Mozilla is the culture that says, “let’s build something better, together.” It is not a “no” culture. It is a “yes, let’s figure out how” – this is the hacker can-do attitude. Part of this is getting feedback along the way. Most important, feedback should not be criticism but an open invitation to make something better. […]

Capture Method Ideas

As part of the Construct Your Story document, I created the Capture Method Ideas document to help spark creativity around how a video can be done. One of the main roadblocks in how to make a video is how to shoot the video. It’s easy to think it needs to be a particular way but it really […]

Construct Your Story

Video knowledge sharing is only successful if people create knowledgeable videos. As a designer, if something is repeated many times that is a clue that there is opportunity for better design. I kept hearing that people wanted to make videos but had trouble translating their idea into a video. I knew I could help. The design […]

Doing Good is Part of Our Code

“Our mission is to promote openness, innovation & opportunity on the Web.” – Mozilla Mission This is a big thing around Mozilla, it is what the organization is founded on. For Mozilla, “doing good” means empowering people around technology and being open about how the organization functions. When I talk to people about Mozilla, they recognize […]

Give Me Beta

Let’s get Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance for a minute here and talk aesthetics. There is the art aesthetic which prefers the polished clean look. Think iPhone. Then there is the engineer aesthetic which prefers the nuts and bolts. Think the inner circuitry of the iPhone. Both are different manifestations of the same idea. At Mozilla, there […]

The Meritocracy

Meritocracy (n): Government or the holding of power by people selected on the basis of their ability. Actions speak louder than words. This may be a general rule of thumb but in an organization founded on open source development, having a culture where actions carry the most weight is crucial to implementing a project. Building makes progress. Mozilla […]